Welcome to the St. Louis Police Foundation

The St. Louis Police Foundation was formed as a 501c3 organization in July of 2007.  Our mission is to support the important and difficult work of the St. Louis Metropolitan and St. Louis County Police Departments through the donation of funds, services and goods.  The Foundation supports programs, initiatives and projects that are strategically focused to complement the Department’s policing strategies and ensure the highest level of police service to the St. Louis community.

The Foundation is modeled after other successful Police Foundations in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles, and serves as a conduit for citizens, businesses and charitable organizations to become valued members of the police community. 

St. Louis’ Police Department runs on a bare-bones budget and still has been able to reduce crime.  Federal money is less available and the tax base is declining.  With 92% of the annual budget needed for personnel, there is little left to pay for new technology, equipment, and improved training to help keep our citizens and officers safe.  The Foundation has become a safety net to fund these critical needs.

In its short history, the Foundation has donated more than $4 million in equipment, programs and training to provide our city’s police officers with the tools they need to make St. Louis a safer place in which to live, work and visit.  Additionally, the Foundation provided a $3 million gift to guarantee the Police Department’s ability to relocate to a desperately needed new headquarters building at 1915 Olive Street. 

The Foundation holds three fundraising events each year.  The Spring Fundraiser at Annie Gunn's, presented by Fred Weber, Inc., is held in April.  The Fall Sports Kickoff Luncheon is held in September at America's Center.  Our first annual Breakfast with the Chief will be held in November.   Additionally the Foundation annually underwrites the Memorial Breakfast to honor fallen police officers. A complete list of ways to partner with the work of the Foundation may be accessed under the Sponsors tab.

The Foundation’s leadership consists of 25 volunteer board members and one executive director.  

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