Foundation Impact

The Police Foundation serves as a crucial bridge, providing the funds for new equipment and technology, specialized officer training, and community engagement programs that help reduce crime and keep our officers safe.

Examples of items and programs funded by the Foundation include:

Equipment and Technology

License Plate Recognition Systems (12) • Mobile Ticketing Devices for all patrol cars • Mobile Fingerprint Devices • Variety of GPS Devices • Real Time Crime Center Equipment • Helicopter downlinks • Geofedia Software • Specially Trained Canines (10) • Horses (2)
• surveillance cameras • tasers • sniper rifles • shotguns • Protective Gear • shields • helmets • entry tools • ATV’s and golf carts for patrol of parks and fairs • police bicycles • vehicle upgrades to Chevy Tahoe’s • child ID fingerprinting kits • nuisance abatement vehicle
• protective vests capable of stopping rifle rounds • in-car camera systems and more 


Officer Training Areas

Leadership • Canine Certification • Street Survival • Force on Force • Social Media • Helicopter Pilot • Surveillance • Special Operations • Hostage Rescue • state of the art VirTra 300 Training Simulator 


Community Engagement

Support for Operation Polar Cop Ice Cream Truck • Liaison with Chess Club of St. Louis, St Louis Public Schools
and the SLMPD to facilitate police officer involvement teaching chess in the public schools