Our Mission

The St. Louis Police Foundation provides monetary support, services and goods to the St. Louis Metropolitan and St. Louis County Police Departments. Funding requests to the Foundation come directly from the men and women in uniform regardless of their position. The Foundation expedites the most crucial requests within 24 hours helping to ensure the highest level of police service to the St. Louis community.

Our History

The Police Foundation was established in 2007 by Doug Albrecht and former Police Commissioner Chris Goodson. Recognizing the incredible demands placed upon the men and women who protect our community, the Foundation secures private support to positively impact our police capabilities. Our Foundation is modeled after effective police foundations in other major cities and is now regarded as a leading midsize police foundation. Leadership consists of a president, director of operations and events, 26 volunteer board members and 10 volunteer advisory board members.



Our St. Louis Police departments operate on bare-bones budgets. With nearly 90 percent of the annual budget needed for personnel costs, there is little left to invest in the tools and programs police officers need to serve and protect our region. This comes at a time when the demands of modern law enforcement continue to  escalate. This non-profit Police Foundation serves as a crucial bridge, providing essential equipment, training and programs that help reduce crime and keep our officers safe.



Our Impact

Since our inception, the Police Foundation has raised more than $30 million to fund more than 200 programs,
training and equipment needs of the St. Louis Metropolitan and St. Louis County Police Departments. Examples of projects funded include new canines and horses, license plate recognition systems, protective vests capable of stopping rifle rounds, real-time crime center equipment, Operation Polar Cop Ice Cream Truck, mobile ticketing, specialized training for officers, ATVs and golf carts for patrol of Forest Park, in-car camera systems, helicopter display monitors, improvements to the Canine Center and the Police Academy training facility, child ID fingerprinting kits, mobile fingerprint devices, police bicycles, surveillance cameras, respiratory protection masks and much more. The Foundation also provided a gift to guarantee the SLMPD’s ability to relocate to a desperately needed new police headquarters building at 1915 Olive Street.
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Our 4 Pillars


Every day police officers put their lives on the line to protect and serve each of us. When Department budgets do not cover the tools officers need to do their jobs, the Police Foundation steps in to bridge the gap.  Keeping our officers protected on the front lines makes our entire region safer for residents, businesses and visitors.


No one has better instincts about police safety than the officers who protect us. That’s why every request the SLPF funds comes directly from the men and women who wear the uniform. A simple process empowers officers, regardless of rank or position, to submit their best ideas.


Crime doesn't wait on bureaucracy, neither should officer safety. SLPF expedites the most crucial requests in as little as 24 hours. Without the constraints of an endowment, donor dollars are directed where they are needed, when they are needed.


A thriving community requires all of us to do our part. By supporting our police officers, we each play a role in building safe neighborhoods for residents, businesses and visitors.