How to Apply for Funding


Mission of the St. Louis Police Foundation
The St. Louis Police Foundation provides monetary support, services and goods to the St. Louis Metropolitan and St. Louis County Police Departments. Requests to the Foundation come directly from the men and women in uniform regardless of their position. The Foundation expedites the most crucial requests within 24 hours helping to ensure the highest level of police service to the St. Louis community.

The Foundation is an independent, 501 (c) 3 organization.
Our purpose is to provide a safety net to fund needs that are not met by the city budget.

Giving Guidelines
The Foundation will generally support projects that  enhance law enforcement proficiency and efficiency; increase officer safety;  encourage community support and understanding; and foster personnel development  and well-being.  The Foundation’s Board  of Directors consults with Police Department leadership for assistance in  prioritizing funding needs.  

Please note that the Foundation may turn down certain  funding requests that seem to fit the guidelines.  This typically occurs due to a lack of  available funds:  the Foundation cannot  fund everything that is requested. 

When multiple requests are received that meet these guidelines, the Foundation is  most likely to approve the request that:

Is less expensive (leaving more money to fund additional  requests)
Is logistically less difficult to implement  (items for every Officer can be difficult to field across the entire force in  certain instances)
Includes equipment or programs that are lasting,  not easily broken or misplaced (versus “one and done” type items)
Has more detailed information surrounding the  request and an implementation plan and maintenance plan (as needed)
Maximizes visibility to the Community and to the  entire Department
Is not likely to be covered by existing  Department funds now or in the future

How to submit an  application
Click here to fill out the application form from this website.
An application for funding may be submitted  by any officer of the St Louis Metropolitan or St. Louis County Police Departments.  Your commanding officer must be notified of  the request.  Complete all areas of the  form and provide supporting documentation such as written estimates or  proposals, which indicate exactly what the Foundation would be paying a vendor  if the grant is approved.  Thorough  documentation increases the likelihood that your request will receive proper  consideration.  Please retain a copy for  your records.

Proposals may be submitted electronically through this  website, or mail / fax to:

St. Louis Police Foundation
9761 Clayton Road
St. Louis, MO 63124
FAX: 314.692.9910

Proposal review  procedure
Once the Foundation receives a completed request for  Funding from a St. Louis Police Officer, it is reviewed first by a subcommittee  of the Foundation Board to ensure that the Foundation is the most appropriate  source of funding and that the request fits within Foundation Giving  Guidelines.  This committee makes  recommendations on each request to the Foundation Board for final funding  decisions.  The Allocations subcommittee  meets quarterly in January, March, July and September.  The Foundation Board meets quarterly in  February, April, August and October.

Direct all questions regarding the grant application to: 
Michelle Bagwell, President & Executive Director
Phone:  314.825.3455
Or call Lt. John Carnaghi at 314.444.5780 with  any questions, comments or concerns.